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“Crystals or Gemstones are far more than just pretty stones. Ancient cultures had a strong belief in the power that gemstones hold, says Geno Adamo, The Spiritual Guru.

Using Crystals are a fun and unique way to help direct and influence that energy towards greater health when used with the right intention.”

We believe that the significance of Gemstones for the coming year is indisputable.

Today, gemstones and fashion seemingly reflect a revolt not only against dull looks but rather against the uncertain times we have been experiencing due to the global pandemic and uncertain economy.

Mind also, that the success of gemstones is not only a sign of a women’s desire to shine bright, but a reflection of their interest in spirituality as well.  Yes, we need the strength in our spirituality.

This spirituality coincides with a movement in modified apparel and towards a more elegant, sophisticated look. So, remember, luxury is not only how you wear it, but what the significance behind.

Here at “The Love Helper Shop”, you will find Gem Stones that we recommend to be most beneficial for the well being of our clients who avail of our READING PROGRAM.

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